About Me

"I am inspired by people, beautiful people, resilient people, typography and handwritten notes, bold colors, bold statements, combining textures, turning trash into treasure, asymmetry, coloring outside the lines, metals, intricate wax prints, intricate hairstyles, intricate hair stories, concrete jungles, real jungles, fauna, flora, love, real love, unexpected love, long lasting and unconditional love, cultural preservation and creation, problem solving, the fight for justice, the arrival of freedom, storytelling, truth telling -- even when the truth hurts, really-really-really good music, delicious food, delicious conversation, and the surprise and wonder in each new day." - D. Wright artist manifesto

Hi, I'm Dania Wright and I am a multidisciplinary artist. Fluffy Jo is the name of my studio. It's also my nickname. My creative practice spans more than 15 years, and multiple disciplines including: painting, graphic design, mixed media, glass art, animation, and storytelling. A native of the San Francisco Bay Area, I currently live in Atlanta, GA with my sassy poodle Nubia Nzinga Wright.