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Proyecto Muraleando

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

What happens when artists lead community transformation.

"Esos que luchan no importa donde, son nuestros hermanos" - Che Guevara // "“Those who fight, no matter where, are our brothers.”

Where would we be without artists? Proyecto Muraleando is a beautiful art center that I visited during our stop in Habana, Cuba over the holidays. Here's a brief description of this magical place:

Created in 2001 by the artist Manuel Diaz Baldrich, Muraleando has transformed the neighborhood into an art gallery. Children form the community and visitors to the project attend classes in pottery, painting, music, dance and engraving aimed at building and developing their artistic skills. This a singular cultural experience and a unique look into Cuban culture, art, food and its way of life.

I could’ve spent all day there. ❤️It is a treasure born of literal trash, an old water tank that was used as a dumping ground. It was later reborn by Manuel Diaz Baldrich and many other artists and residents, for betterment of the community. ✊🏿 How often in history have we seen artists lead community transformations like this one?

The photos/video don’t even capture a fraction of the beauty. Y’all just gotta go there if you can.

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