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#Inktober = #SistersInArt

How a popular art challenge prompted me to celebrate Black women artists.

royalty-free image c/o Shamia Casiano

I wanted to do something a little different for Inktober this past year, and that is: celebrate Black women artists. I soon learned that I'm not the best person to follow these challenges, only having created FOUR drawings during the Inktober period (lol). A shame, right? However, I am still inspired to continue creating these drawings, honoring my sister-artists throughout the entire year... and so I shall.

I am fortunate to know the women I am celebrating. They’ve all positively impacted my life, and have influenced my artistic journey.

Their work is PHENOMENAL, reflective of their commitment to mastering their respective crafts. I believe that more people should know about these women.

I am honored to call them sister-friends, mentors, mentees, and co-exhibitors.

They are painters, writers, dancers, filmmakers, actresses, poets, designers, curators, singers, directors, producers, teachers, students, activists, servant leaders and change-makers.

They are mothers, daughters, wives, partners, sisters, aunties, and grandmothers.

They are ALL of that, and so much more.

I am, because they are.

So instead of #Inktober, this series shall be renamed #SistersInArt... because that's who they are, my sisters in art.

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