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Afro Jazz at Three Masks, Inc.

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

"Sharing Africa from Within" in Orlando, Florida

Zimbabwean singer, songwriter and musician Clare Nyakujara

Three Masks Inc’s mission is “Sharing Africa from Within.” Last night we stopped by to see Zimbabwean Afro-Jazz musician/singer Clare Nyakujara perform, and she was amazing! What impressed me the most is that Clare only recently learned how to play the instruments you see in the videos: Guitar (3 years), Kora - Senegalese harp (8 months), and Mbira - thumb piano (under 3 years). She is a masterful musician and her voice is beautiful. Bonus = when her Kora instructor performed. Also, shout out to the talented drummer Saturin Ba.

Three Masks is a treasure. A performance venue on one side, a gift shop in the middle and a multipurpose space on the other side (where folks had a Kizomba party last night). I definitely look forward to returning. ✨

A few snaps of the gift shop.

Clare on the guitar.

Clare playing the kora (Senegalese harp).

Clare playing the mbira (thumb piano).

Clare's amazing kora instructor.

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